System Accessories

S-Bus software to program devices for integration and automation of security, entertainment, lighting, safety, HVAC and energy saving.

6 Channel BUS Terminal: HDL-MBC06.431

6 channel Bus Terminal to facilitate HDL-BUS wiring. There are six terminals which can connect up to 12 devices, hand in hand wiring to achieve the simple connection method

4 Core Shield Cable: SB-CABLE

This 4 core shield cable is the specific cable for HDL devices which use aluminum foil twisted pair. As HDL-BUS and KNX-EIB cable, it is very convenient for wiring connection

Infrared Code Learner: SB-IR-Learn.01

Infrared Code Learner, USB Pluggable, IR learning/Programming Kit. Comes with Software driver, for Pro installers and Integrators

Pro Installer Upgrading Kit Mini: SB-UPG-KIT

Pro Installer Up gradation Kit Mini, Cables and Pins Kit to help Installer Upgrade of Panels and Modules

Bacnet Server: HDL-BN-4096

DIN-Rail Mount Bacnet server, Bus and Ethernet enabled, build in the BacNet protocol to allow BA and BMS systems to monitor and control HDL systems via BacNet protocol, like lighting, HVAC, Curtain, floor heating