Single Phase Digital Power Meter

The SB-DN-PM1P03 is a single phase digital power meter, which is able to record power consumption for one complete year. The meter can measure current, voltage, frequency, active power, and apparent power. The module has three separate channels, each capable of handling loads of 16A.

Each of the three channels are separated and able to provide a maximum of 16A each. If the current supplied is not powerful enough then it can be increased by connecting a current transformer. Coupled with this is the inbuilt support for 24 logic inputs, these inputs can handle phase voltage, current detection, time, universal switches, and current supplied in a specified time.


  • 24 Logic blocks: the phase voltage, current of each channel, time, channel electric degree in specified time interval, or universal switch can be used as the logic inputs to trigger the control target. The logic relations are AND, OR, they can be set to trigger the delay time
  • Recorded data can be stored for one year. The record can be checked from the application software by month, day, hour or minute


  • Working Voltage: DC 12-30V
  • BUS Power Consumption: 60mA/DC24V
  • Measuring voltage: AC 100~250V
  • Maximum current in each channel: 16A
  • Installation: Standard 35mm DIN rail
  • CE Certification
  • Protection: IP20


Front: 72 x 90 x 66(mm)