4ch 1.5A Universal Dimmer


  • Each output channel has LED indicator for status and manual switch
  • Maximum 4 separate areas, and maximum 12 scenes can be set for each area
  • Maximum 6 sequences, and 12 steps for each sequence
  • Low Threshold, High Threshold, Maximum Threshold are all available for each channel
  • You can select specified scene or scene before power off when the device restarts
  • Short circuit and over heat protection
  • 4 dimming curves
  • Supports online upgrading


  • Power input: AC110/240V
  • Working power: DC12~30V
  • Power consumption: 25mA/DC24V
  • Output channel: 4CH/1.5A
  • Maximum output channel current in total: 6A
  • Dimming mode: Leading edge, trailing edge
  • Dimming curves: Linear, 1.5 exponent, 2.0 exponent, 3.0 exponent


216 x 90 x 66 (mm)