DIN-Rail Mount, 2 Motor double throw Controller

Small, elegant and powerful relay. Each is 2ch pass through, switch Over relays 5A, green operated supplied by 24VAC/25mA from bus. For any motor 2 direction operation like: Curtain, Drape, Screens, Gates, Lift, Escalator, Plasma Lifts, Sky Lights, Pool covers, etc.

It is passes through relay that enables you to control all type of motors that are operated by dry contact, 12 VDC/AC, 24VDC/AC, 110VAC,220V AC and more with 5Amp relay.

Can be used in any locations that require energy saving, intelligent control such as bedrooms, living rooms and offices.


  • Sm2ch individual motor double throw relays
  • Open, close, stop rotation can be run by both software and manual
  • Delay running time of open and close rotation can be set
  • Can connect to all type of curtain that operated by dry contact, 220V, 110V, 24V, 12V and others
  • Green operated by bus wires no need for 220V/110V supply