Ceiling Mount PIR Sensor

Ceiling mount infrared dual-technology motion sensor, for energy saving and security. It automatically turns on the lights and AC when motion is detected in an area then shuts off the AC and lights when no movement is detected. It also supports security upon movement in a secured zone.

Can be used in any locations that require energy saving, intelligent control such as convention centres, hotels, shopping malls, residential buildings, banquet rooms, stadiums, airports, theme parks, gymnasiums, intelligent villas, smart mansions.


  • 2 way fixed S-Bus ASCII protocol from and to RS232
  • Support ASCII code editing and Hexadecimal
  • Send more than 1980 ASCII and/or Hexadecimal
  • 22 characters ASCII length
  • Easily editable baud rate from software to integrate with all 3rd part devices
  • RS232 interface work in all baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps
  • Send and receive ASCII command
  • 2 way communication that can receive up to 99 ASCII/HEX to do different 20 commands for each message
  • Milliseconds Delay optional between each ASCII/HEX command
  • Ready integrated with many Music System and Home Technology Brands


  • Ceiling mounted
  • Delay time logic built in for home automation, saving energy programming
  • Digital sensitivity adjustable
  • Enabling/disabling option
  • Master slave technology
  • Retriggering disable function
  • Support security
  • Breakable plastic isolation to disable the needless area from motion detection


80 x 34.5 (mm)


  • Home automation, lighting control
  • Saving AC lights energy
  • Security function