16CH 16A Relay Module

The HDL-MR1616.434 relay module can supply 16 channels with a current of 16A. Manual channel control is enabled via the modules on-board buttons. This module is able to support diversified devices, and can be applied to any solution which requires switching control.

Each of the 16 channels that the module outputs to support 16A. Due to the inclusion of a 50A magnetic relay, the module has a guaranteed stable performance, and lower maintenance requirements. This built in redundancy ensures the module has a long and efficient service life.


  • 16-channel relay output unit
  • Up to 16 separate areas
  • Each area has 32 scenes with maximum running time of 60 minutes
  • Each channel has light protection delay: 0-60 minutes
  • Each channel has switch on delay time: 0-25 seconds
  • Each channel has manual control for relay unit
  • Remote program and management are available
  • Can go back to previous scene or designated scene once the system restarts
  • Scene controller function available
  • Supports easy programming and HDL-BUS online upgrading


  • Power Supply: 24Vdc
  • Static BUS Power Consumption: 10mA/DC24V
  • Dynamic BUS Power Consumption: 35mA/DC24V
  • Output channel: 16CH/16A
  • Relay: 50A Magnetic latching relay
  • Max current in each channel: 16A
  • Life time for relay unit: more than 60,000 times
  • Protection: Connect a breaker in each channel
  • Installation: standard 35mm Din Rail


288mm x 90mm x 66mm