Ballast is a device used with an electric discharge lamp to obtain the necessary circuit conditions (voltage, current and waveform) for starting and operating light sources. All fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) light sources require a ballast for proper operation.

It helps dim your fluorescent tube lights and save tube light energy as well as giving different mood lighting in the room for more comfortable lighting for the human eye. It can control 48 channels of Dali Ballast and work as a bridge between S-Bus and Dali. It can be used in any location that requires energy saving, intelligent control such as hotels, shopping malls, residential buildings, stadiums, airports, gymnasiums, intelligent villas and mansions.

DSI Gateway: HDL-MD08DSI.232

HDL-MD08DSI.232 is a DSI gateway with 8 DSI channels; each channel can be connected with up to 8 DSI ballasts. It comes with scene controller, and has a manual control button and LED indicator for each channel

0-10V Ballast Dimmer: HDL-MRDA0610.432

6 channel 10A DC0-10V output module is a multifunction control module. The module is to be used in lighting, on/off control in the application of office and building

64CH DALI Module: HDL-MC64-DALI.431

64 channel DALI controller built-in DALI power supply, with a single DALI bus, maximum 64 DALI lighting equipment