About Us

Smart Touch Ltd is part of the Setpoint Group which has specialised in Building Automation solutions since 1991. The addition of Smart Touch Ltd is a result of expansion into providing Home Automation and Lighting Automation solutions.

The Company is built on the principle of providing our customers with the best possible solutions and delivering comprehensive support and specialist advice. Smart Touch also shares the Group vision to specialise in product solutions that have a positive effect on our natural world and its resources. This is achieved by reducing energy consumption, improving controlled environmental conditions for energy conservation and by supplying products with increased energy efficiency.

The Company group reinforces this philosophy by running our own business in an environmentally responsible way with practices such as operating efficient heating and lighting systems in our offices, an in-house recycling programme, by running a low emission fuel-efficient fleet and by using recycled stationery and packaging materials.

A member of the Green Building Council of NZ we are committed to supporting green and sustainable building practices.

HDL-Bus Home and Lighting Automation

HDL, a global manufacturer of electronic and automation products for over 25 years with origins in Germany, Sweden and China, offers an extensive range of quality Home and Lighting Automation products.

Futureproof by using a fully integrated HDL-Bus solution for your home and building including; lighting & dimming systems, audio & media streaming and distribution, HVAC, security and safety, motorised curtains and blinds, ballasts, switches, sockets, wall panels, occupancy sensors and PIR's, touch screens and energy metering.

There are also specialist automation solutions for Hotels including Guest Room Management Systems, as well as Stage, Theatre and Disco lighting.

Some advantages of using Smart products include:

Cost Effective

Installation of a Smart system requires considerably less wiring, conduits, distribution frames, cabinets and manpower providing a cost effective solution for systems control.

Seamless Expansion

HDL-Bus control has the ability to bridge many networks together with each network able to have up to 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire.

Plug and Play Integration

Smart-Bus provides a complete integrated automation solution. Any system or device that is Smart-Bus enabled can be connected and configured directly into the network by simply plugging into any Smart-Bus wire. Additional connectivity solutions include DALI, EIB, Mod-BUS, KNX and Ethernet.

Energy Efficient

Not only does your HDL-Bus automation system take control of your energy usage the individual HDL-Bus devices are 'green', they do not use power while on stand-by and when in use the power consumption rate is estimated at only 24mA per device.


Smart products help to reduce the carbon footprint by using technology to provide energy efficiency and support green & sustainable building solutions. This is recognised internationally with HDL obtaining the Mark of Excellence Award in the Best Green Product Category in 2009.